Bright the Hawk's Flight

This is a Final Fantasy XIV fic which is basically just miscellaneous moments from my WoL Liolaeus' life. As a little primer he's a male Raen born in Nagxia but raised from when he was around ten by a Veena wood warder. He's also trans and has blue hair & pronouns so true. He loves chocobos (just like me fr fr).
You can see pictures of him in my screenies page!

Only in silence the word,
Only in dark the light,
Only in dying, life,
Bright the hawk's flight
on the empty sky.
The Creation of Éa


Chapter One
Chapter Two

Chaper One

( A.N: Nothwulf is what Liolaeus was called as a kid before he came to eorzea and changed his name :3 but thats a whole other chapter of this collection to write)

“Where did you learn my language, Nothwulf? I thought they spoke another in Nagxia.”

Vermillion fire lit up the little camp, beating back shadows into the dense forest and tinting all surroundings delicately orange. The features of Ysena and his two wolves’ faces were outlined amber. Nothwulf stared into the flames, pondering the question.

“Never.” he answered, truthfully, “I didn’t know I could speak it, before.” He knew by how his adoptive father stared down at him that this was hardly an adequate answer to the question. He rubbed the white scales on his arms as he pieced together a suitable continuation in his mind.

“Ever since I was younger I could understand things very well... Even if I never heard a word before, I know what it means, or if someone is crying or something and it’s hard to hear them I know what they’re saying. I didn’t know that would let me speak another language, though...” He pulled his knees towards his chest, looking at the leaf littered autumn ground. “People always told me that’s weird.”

“That is odd, little pup... that is odd.” Ysena lifted his calloused hands out towards the fire, and smiled. His smile nearly was as warm as the fire. “Odd isn’t bad, though. That’s a great talent. Maybe one wasted in this lonely wood.”

“I like it here.”

“So do I, pup, so do I. Yet it is not unheard of to leave. If you ever did... you would do very well, I think. Not just because of that, no... you’re a bright child” He breathed deep of the smoky air. Nothwulf watched his movements. “But then, what would I know of the outside world, hm?”

Chapter Two

"Say, Lio, I was wondering something about your name," Krile mentioned as she set her teacup down, piqueing the interest of many of the Scions present at the gathering they had arranged at the Last Stand. "If I'm right, your roots are in Nagxia, but Liolaeus is a rather Garlean sounding name. I'm curious as to why, if you're alright sharing.

"Well..." He changes sitting position, evidently switching into 'story-telling mode' for his explanation. "It sounds Garlean because it is. It wasn't the name I was born with, see..."


The boy Nothwulf, hardly a summer out of his teenage years, had never before seen the vast ocean, let alone traveled by ship upon it; also, he had known few people in his life, with his prior experience being largely limited to a single woodland wanderer and the residents of a tiny village, whose faces were obfuscated by the haze of childhood memories. It was thus that he found himself bewildered by his first sea voyage, which would bring him to the fair eastern shores of Eorzea in the coming weeks. As well as being disoriented, he found that having had so little practical experience with society he was considered somewhat strange by the other passengers and largely left alone. He did not mind this so much; fending for himself was one thing he did have experience with, and talking to strangers would never be a skill of his.

Despite that, he could not stand to see another struggle; after all, that was the trait which would in time bring him to the position of a beloved hero. And so, witnessing a woman who could not have been particularly above his age having difficulty communicating with the crew on the first day on board he saw to it that he did what he could to help.