here's some cool graphics i found (and a couple i made :3)

blinkies buttons stamps


ARTIST Bird Lover BATS! BATS! BATS! I love the blue sky I heart my online friends! peace and quiet Welcome to Jurassic Park I heart my 'Puter! twinkle twinkle I Glow in the Dark rainbow fish COMPUTER ADDICT dont eat crayons I NEVER solved Rubix Cube I wanna fly away Feeling Froggy GAY RIGHTS!! Hug Your Goat MIKU PLS INTERACT YKNOW LIKE... NYA? I LOVE RATS Powered by stress! Taurus TRANS RIGHTS I Heart my 3DS Addicted to cheese My mind is like a banana tree filled with monkeys clattering for attention I POP BUBBLEWRAP I WANNA GO HOME eat shit transphobes MY MELODY KUROMI I am Pro-Choice my computer never sleeps NIGHT OWL Hooked on blinkies worm crawling I Love Pastel Colours Let's get one thing straight... I'm Not! lost my marbles i am a freak LOOKOUT! GIANT SQUID! I wanna grow up to be a blinkie MISOPHONIA god damnit kris where the hell are we bastard of the ocean


This site is Miku Approved Site best viewed on a computer monitor Best heard through a 3.5mm jack cheerful Deb's Place The Web is Yours The Web is Yours I miss using PICTOCHAT Jojo's Bizarre Adventure GOODNIGHT You were diagnosed with GAY Powered By A mouse in a wheel vivid colors Transgender flag Emulate NOW! I Love my online buddies Perfect Clear 3DS Firefox Now! hey you! Learn HTML! Now!


Air Mail I LOVE MONSTERS EVOLUTION is beautiful i love starry skies I LOVE THE RAIN I HEART PALAEONTOLOGY last of the DINOSAURS VIRUS DETECTED: YOU ARE DEAD! My Melody Save the Frogs we need them. I STILL SLEEP WITH PLUSHIES GLOWING STARS This stamp is all wiggly :3 My Neighbour Totoro Bi Pride Beanie Baby rainbow worm Asexual are part of LGBT+ community