this is where i put screenshots from my games! and by that i mean pretty much just ffxiv gpose pictures lol. witness my lizard boy.


azem and liolaeus chatting together at a fenceliolaeus and g'raha tia looking at anyx trine in the distanceliolaeus sitting on a fountain in werlytliolaeus and his chocobo walking in the dravanian forelandsazem and his chocobo walking in the ancient worlda silhouette of midgardsormr against the sunset in azys llaga bu, alisaie, and alphinaud at a campfireliolaeus riding his chocobo in coerthas at nightliolaeus sleeping in a chocobo stable with birds while the chocobo keep looks onliolaeus sitting at a table in the carline canopy alongside his wayward hatchlingliolaeus reading in his house with his wayward hatchlingliolaeus and his birds sleeping at a campfireliolaeus as a dragoon divingliolaeus and his lance in the style of a final fantasy logo