About Me!

Hi!!!! I'm Debleb from inside your computer :3 I'm a teenage internet rat that spends most of his time playing FFXIV and sometimes drawing pictures. I made this site in December of 2021 just for fun and to put stuff I made somewhere. I love chocobos so I themed it around them. I like Final Fantasy, Digimon, and Monster Hunter, and my hobbies are drawing, bookbinding, and web design. My favourite smells are brand-new trading cards, rain, and fresh coffee (even though I don't drink it). Some of my favourite music artists are Blu-Swing, Gorillaz, and Kenshi Yonezu, but I mostly listen to soundtracks from games and occasionally TV. My favourite books are White Fang and Tehanu, my favourite movie is Digimon Adventure: Our War Game, and my favourite comic is Paper Girls, but I like a lot of other stuff too. If you wanna talk or ask about something, you can send an email (the mailto link is on the sidebar) or message me on Discord (maybe you can guess what my username is). Plz enjoy my site!